TRISKELL Strategy Execution & Portfolio Management

Collaborative and Flexible

Triskell provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to manage different business objectives on one single platform.

Enterprises create, analyse, combine, add, and link different portfolios while each of them may maintain an own unique repository of objects.

The suite supports different Project and Portfolio Management models, such as Strategic, Agile, Waterfall or V-Model frameworks.

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SEM Strategy Execution Management

Where Strategy meets Execution

Triskell supports the complete strategy execution cycle. Setting company goals or setting up strategic planning, Triskell will support the entire process.

Align Portfolios and Strategy

Capture and align objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios across the entire enterprise, get business challenges under control and insure results. Integrate product delivery, portfolio management, strategic planning and execution and increase company performance with on time, budget and quality delivery.

Ensure that everyone will pull together

Sharing visions and goals will create better adoption, sharing of company goals and objectives, and produce better results for the organisation. Align your teams with the corporate strategy using agile enterprise techniques.

Key Features

Strategic Goals and Value Streams

Follow the principles of the lean portfolio and define strategic objectives that focus on maximising client value.

Enterprise-wide Scaling Platform

Connect agile delivery teams with strategic priorities and objectives. Create Ad-Hoc teams that are based on objectives to deliver maximum value. Facilitate strategic alignment on all levels of the organisation applying an agile, efficient and pragmatic framework.

From Strategy to Features

Break down the strategy into Value Streams, Products, Version and Features, the “how” and “where” to create value.

Agile Tools

Use visual tools such as KANBAN, Roadmaps and Balanced Scorecards to support lean portfolio management.

Strategy Cascading

Provides all visual tools to articulate, formalise, and share strategic plans. Breaking down strategies into objectives goals, sub-goals and KPI’s becomes easy. Use balanced scorecards, master plans and KANBAN boards to get strategy plans under control and get rid of complicate spreadsheets.

Flexible Goals Definition

The flexibility allows you to define, plan and track your goals and metrics to capture strategy output.

Communication and Visibility

Builds a communication channel for strategic planning and execution and increases engagement and input and involvement from all stakeholders.

Resources and Money

Provides all the necessary tools to manage your financial and human resource constraints, thereby ensuring that you can execute and support your strategy.

Funding and Staffing Plans and Streams

Allows you to budget for your financial resources and other means you may assign to strategic initiatives, goals or value streams.

Strategic and relevant Decisions

Prioritise and do financial planning and resource engagement in current or future projects, operation costs or anything else related to strategies and metrics.

Analysing optimal resource usage

Analyse portfolios for gaps, overlaps, and discrepancies to quickly and easily identify redundant work and wasted resources. You know what can be improved to ensure strategic alignment to reach strategic objectives faster and better.

PPM Portfolio Management

Strategic Alignment across Project Portfolios

Intuitive Project Portfolio Management tools to identify the projects that add value to the organisation.

It helps you decide which efforts to initiate, prioritise, put on hold, or cancel. Triskell also handles multiple portfolios that each have the flexibility to define its own key attributes and KPIs.

Combine financial, qualitative and strategic analysis in a Single Cloud PPM Software for the entire organisation Triskell allows you to define scorecards with multiple weighted criteria to identify projects with the highest ROI and linkage to strategy.

Key Features

Project Portfolio Management

Top-Down Portfolio Management capabilities to manage both human and financial resources in accordance with company-wide capacities. Having location, projects, business initiatives, ongoing activities, and resources under one single umbrella will allow you to stay on track and align execution with company strategy and capacity.

Maximise Project Portfolio ROI

Triskell helps you to increase your project success ratio while managing risk across the entire project portfolio, keeping costs under close control.

Resource Management

Triskell enables you to manage resources across multiple portfolios and therefore provide the full picture of who is working on what, and when they are working on it. Triskell supports the entire resource allocation process, including high-level demand management, capacity planning, and effective resource assignment. Advanced “what-if” capabilities will help you to define different scenarios and consider resource demands for the current working projects and pipeline initiatives. This will allow you to plan future resource requirements in accordance with business priorities and your existing capacity.


Project & Program Management

Triskell provides you with all the tools to stay at the top of your projects. With Triskell you can manage plans, tasks, budgets, and activities in a waterfall (Gantt), agile (scrum board), or by using a combined approach. You will always know exactly how much resources were used, and you will get forecasts and actual costs, deliverable status and task progression. You know which programs and projects were completed, the time it took, what it costs, what still has to be done, the problems encountered as well as the results. No matter what project methodology you are using; Triskell will support the entire process, including demand, risk, issues, change requests, workflows, document management, and communication, all in a fully configurable environment.

Financial Management

Triskell ensures that you have real-time information for total financial visibility and control over your project portfolios.


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