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UFD is a Switzerland based Software Development and IT Services Company focused on IBM Mainframe, IMS and DB2 Solutions. UFD has a long success story and maintains a well balanced cross-industry solution portfolio.

Through close relationships and collaborations with development laboratories and international user groups UFD gains a significant technology advantage. The tools and professional services from UFD not only help IBM Mainframe clients in all industries to reduce operation cost but also to support their modernisation initiatives.


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Simplify and automate IMS Management with DBICF

DBICF Database Integrity Control Facility


Delegate IMS management tasks to non-IMS specialists


The Database Integrity Control Facility simplifies and automates the use of DBRC, with and without IMS data sharing.

The tool includes an ISPF interface to DBRC commands and IMS utilities to simplify database repair operations and reduce operational outages.

An integrated generator creates batch jobs for standard housekeeping activities and recovery procedures for an entire IMS system.

Key Features

TSO/SPF front-end

TSO/SPF user-interface to DBICF functions to start IMS commands and utilities, generate and submit batch jobs and run online reports.

User Interface

Interface for DBRC. Converts menu-driven user input into DBRC commands, calls DBRC and routes DBRC output back to the user.

Database aids

Set of compare, verification and evaluation aids to support database administration.

Backup online transactions

Simplifies and speeds up database repair operations helping reduce operational outages and delays by backing out IMS online transactions, BMP’s and batch programs that were not back-out out, generating recovery jobs of affected databases etc.

Batch job generation

Automates batch job generation for utilities and dynamic batch generation of batch jobs for housekeeping. Contains at set of preventive functions for the operation such as a database consistency check, a program that verifies if a job can be started etc.

Disaster recovery

Helps on disaster recovery, enabling automation of recovery procedures for an entire IMS database system, automatic RECON repair and cleanup etc. Takes snapshots of RECON data to a DB2 table which can be accessed for ad-hoc SQL and DBICF-provided, pre-formatted queries.


Logs DBRC commands and utilities, and provides a log interface with a search facility.


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