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Mastering Compliance in finance industry becomes easy with the Celeris Compliance Suite CCS.

The compliance engineering platform puts you in control of complex regulations.

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“Compliance has never been easier”

With CCS – Basel Edition, you will be on to a flying start with your Basel implementation.

Attain compliance in less time and effort with built-in content and configuration.

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Celeris SE

“This approach does really impress”

Celeris will in show you how CCS can be used to master compliance in finance industry.

The framework contains in the excess of 10 000 requirements.

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“Covers all Basel I to Basel III requirements”

CCS is defining new standards for safe and efficient regulatory compliance handling in the finance and insurance industry.

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“Never seen similar before”

Why Future Link

Content, Tool and Service

We combine agile business practices, methods, content libraries, cool tools and a service standard to a unique offering for companies handling complex business and systems engineering challenges.

Why Compliance

Regulated Industries

We help clients in financial, insurance and medical device industry to use the power of modern engineering for the development and management of products in a world of increasing regulatory complexity.

Products we offer

Engineering Solutions

We offer software solutions for requirements management, design, software development, quality assurance, validation, testing and risk management plus industry specific content and configurations.

Values we add

Services and Integrations

We add a full range of professional services for the integration of our products to ensure information flow and across all relevant disciplines in business and systems engineering.


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